Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery refers to the various strategies and procedures involved in protecting you’re the database against data loss and reconstructing the database after any kind of data loss. The volume of data you must manage and protect continues to grow exponentially, and retention requirement further complicate data management.

Solution from EMC

With the EMC backup and recovery solutions, you can:

  •  Retain backups on disk and onsite longer – and reduce costs
  •  Replace data offsite faster over existing networks for tape-free disaster recovery
  •  Recover quickly and reliably with advanced levels of data integrity
  •  Simplify data management
  •  Protect data across the enterprise: data center, remote office and desktop/laptops

Backup Solutions for Microsoft

EMC solutions for Microsoft backup provide automated, efficient, online protection and granular recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint environments.
Industry-leading deduplication improves the performance and efficiency of backup and recovery across physical and virtual Microsoft application environments, helping to contain IT costs and maximize application availability.
EMC solutions are completely integrated with Microsoft applications through Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Database Availability Groups (DAGs), Active Directory, SQL Server VSS Writer, and more.

  • Reduce backup window, shrink backup footprint
  • Restore and recover in minutes vs. hours
  •  Ensure application data availability
  •  Simplify backup across multiple Microsoft applications
  •  Lower total cost of ownership
  •  Eliminate tape

Backup Solutions for Oracle

EMC solutions for Oracle backup make it simple and cost-effective to adopt better Oracle data protection practices.
EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems reduce the amount of storage required to retain and protect data by 10-30x. EMC Data Domain Boost software provides advanced integration between Data Domain systems and Oracle Recovery Manager for faster, more efficient Oracle backup and disaster recovery.
EMC Avamar and EMC NetWorker provide integrated Oracle support through application modules to automate scheduling and policies.
These solutions leverage Oracle RMAN to optimize efficiency and management and provide much-needed flexibility.


  •  Reduce dependence on tape
  •  Reduce backup storage required by 10-30x
  •  Automate Oracle backup scheduling and policies
  •  Perform Oracle full backups more often for faster recovery
  •  Enable Oracle backups direct to disk using RMAN procedures
  •  Simplify backup monitoring and troubleshooting
  •  Achieve cost-effective DR and improve recovery service levels
  • Simplify and automate Oracle DR

Backup Solutions for VMware

EMC backup and recovery is smarter backup. EMC solutions for VMware backup combine market-leading deduplication with VMware-integrated disk backup to meet your organization’s backup and recovery objectives now and in the future. Our solutions:

  •  Accelerate Both Backup and Recovery – If you can’t back up your VMware environments within available windows, you can’t recover them when needed. EMC disk-based solutions deliver the industry’s fastest backup speeds, and advanced VMware integration enables the industry’s fastest recoveries.
  • Accelerate Savings – Integration makes deployment and management easier while deduplication reduces storage and bandwidth requirements. Further, advanced integration with VMware and with applications drive higher levels of efficiency.
  • Accelerate IT Transformation – Accelerate virtualization adoption by protecting new virtualized applications—along with your existing physical environment—with one solution and without compromising any of your SLAs.PROVEN RESULTS

EMC Backup and Recovery solutions:

  • Reduce VM ware backup times up to 90%
  •  Speed VM ware recoveries up to 30x
  •  Enable one-step recovery at the VMware file-, image-, or site-level
  •  Reduce backup storage required by 10-30x


Deduplication solutions

EMC deduplication solutions can have a powerful effect on backup performance and efficiency in physical and particularly virtual server environments, where overlapping backup windows and redundant operating systems, applications and file data and server resource contention are common.
By moving less data across the data center and storing only unique data, these solutions dramatically speed backup and restore, shorten backup windows, and significantly lower IT costs by reducing backup storage, bandwidth and management costs. Plus, they can help organizations drive IT transformation efforts by ensuring efficient, scalable and high reliability disk-based data protection.


  •  Faster backups — industry’s fastest deduplication; up to 10x faster VMware backups
  •  Reduced backup storage — up to 10-30x reduction in footprint – eliminate tape for operational recovery
  •  Cost-effective DR — replicate up to 99 percent less data than traditional methods
  •  Flexible deployment — Multiple options to meet specific requirements
  •  Scalable appliances – support growing virtualized environments and IT transformation

Desktop , Laptop and remote offices solutions
Information critical to the success and efficiency of your organization isn’t just found in your data center. It also resides at your remote and branch offices and increasingly in the desktops and laptops of your employees.
Traditional backup methods for these types of environments often come up short. They do not meet the needs of corporate IT professionals or end users, especially as the world has become more virtual.


EMC desktop, laptop, and remote office solutions meet business requirements for application availability, cost reduction, and transformation.
Remote and Branch Offices
Efficiently centralize server backups in remote and branch offices using minimal bandwidth and with very limited administrative overhead with EMC Avamar. This solution is also simple, safe, easy to manage and—importantly—cost-effective. EMC deduplication technology reduces network bandwidth requirements by up to 99 percent, enabling daily full backups via existing networks for reduced business risk.
Desktops and Laptops
By deduplicating backup data before it is transferred across the network, only a fraction of the data traditional methods backup is sent across the network, which keeps backup speeds high, IP networks uncongested, and costs low. EMC Avamar also enables end users to quickly recover anywhere, anytime, with just one step.
Remote and Branch Office Backup

  • Fast, daily full backups via existing network links
  • Lower bandwidth requirements, by up to 99 percent
  • Centralized management; reduce/eliminate tape

Desktop and Laptop Backup

  •  Fast, non-disruptive daily full backups
  •  Intuitive GUI for end-user recovery without involving IT staff
  •  Single step recovery – always

Disaster Recovery solutions

EMC Disaster Recovery solutions provide a way out. By sending only deduplicated and compressed data across the network, EMC deduplication storage systems require a fraction of the bandwidth, time, and cost compared to traditional replication methods.
These solutions make it possible for organizations to easily and cost-effectively replicate backup data for disaster recovery purposes and, in doing so, reduce business risk, IT complexity and overall total cost of ownership.

• Enterprise-wide disaster recovery for backup data to protect your business-critical data.
• Improved efficiency – with up to 99 percent bandwidth efficiency, DR is much faster and—importantly—cost-effective.
• Better flexibility and scale to meet specific SLAs or infrastructure requirements as environments scale
• Simpler disaster recovery – no more cumbersome, risky tapes.

Mainframe solutions

EMC Mainframe solutions enable organizations to achieve better performance and scalability, higher availability, and significant cost-savings.
EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) combines the best of virtual tape and disk storage technologies to meet enterprise data center requirements. These solutions give organizations the flexibility to choose primary storage, deduplication storage, or both to store actual tape volumes, depending on their environments and workloads, as well as the ability to replicate from one site to one or two remotes sites for quick, multi-site disaster recovery.

• Dramatic performance and reliability improvements for batch, HSM, and backup and recovery operations
• Lower overall total cost of ownership
• Multi-site disaster recovery and easy DR testing and failover
• Consolidated backup and archive

-Solution from Symantec

The Symantec NetBack with V-Ray technology simplifies and unifies the protection of your information driven enterprise by automating advanced technologies and standardizing operations across applications, platforms, and virtual and physical environments. NetBackup with V-Ray provides patented visibility into virtual machines and applications across physical and virtual servers, and optimizes deduplication data streams for fast and efficient backup and recovery. That means enterprises have the ability to protect completely, store efficiently, recover anywhere, and manage centrally across heterogeneous operating systems and storage hardware, including disk and tape. Integrated “Dedupe Everywhere,” snapshot replication management and recovery, and patent-pending virtual machine protection help customers better manage and protect accelerating data growth, lower infrastructure use and cost, and reduce recovery times to meet the most demanding service level agreements.

NetBackup Accelerator
NetBackup Accelerator dramatically reduces the time it takes to do backups by eliminating the scan to determine file change percentages, leveraging client-side deduplication, and then synthetically constructing a full backup image—with full recovery benefits, in the time it takes to do an incremental.
• Up to 100x faster backups to better meet service level agreements
• Less infrastructure strain because less data is being transmitted

NetBackup Replication Director
Replication Director enables integrated end-to-end control for the management and recovery of array-based snapshots and replicated snapshots, leveraging the array vendor’s underlying snapshot and replication technology.
• Unified policy management that stretches the entire data lifecycle
• Simplified, single pane of glass for monitoring, alerting, and reporting
• Optimized granular file and application recovery

NetBackup Search
NetBackup Search delivers the ability to search across the entire backup environment and identify information needed for eDiscovery and compliance. Legal holds can then be placed on the files to prevent expiration.
• Significant operational expense reduction associated with eDiscovery compliance
• Storage savings through the ability to identify and hold only relevant information and get aware from the infinite retention mindset
Key Features
• One platform, one console unifies virtual and physical global data protection
• Unified global management of snapshots, replicated snapshots, backup, and recovery
• Backup and appliance integrated, scalable global dedupe across virtual and physical
• V-Ray one pass backup, instant image and single file restore for virtual and physical
• Automated virtual data protection and load balanced backup performance
Key Benefits
• Unified enterprise-class virtual and physical data protection eliminates point products, offers better visibility, leverages resources, and reduces cost, complexity, and risk when virtualizing mission-critical applications
• V-Ray lets you search and recover a single file from an image backup in minutes instead of a manual mount, search, and restore that can take hours, even days
• Simplified management and faster recovery of snapshots and replicated snapshots from anywhere in the backup environment
• Always on protection of new, moved, or cloned VMs eliminates uncertainty and overloading of hosts during backups
• NetBackup intelligent deduplication reduces storage costs with dedupe rates as high as 98% while optimizing backup performance and resources with flexible “end-to-end” deployment options

The Symantec Backup Exec 12 is one integrated product that protects virtual and physical environments, simplifies both backup and disaster recovery, and recovers data or systems at any scale, from an individual item to an entire server. Reduce business downtime with unparalleled recovery, powered by Symantec™ V-Ray technology, that restores entire servers, critical Microsoft applications, and VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual guests. Meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives with integrated bare metal, hardware-independent disaster recovery, “no-hardware disaster recovery” in a virtual environment, application recovery, and efficient granular restore of individual emails, files, and folders. Simultaneously reduce storage costs and increase backup speed with deduplication and archiving.

The Backup Exec 12 delivers centralized management to easily extend your backup infrastructure across distributed environments and remote offices so physical or virtual server protection is easily managed as your business grows. With a sleek and streamlined administration console, Backup Exec 12 makes it easier than ever to efficiently manage backup and recovery operations across your physical and virtual infrastructure. Backup Exec 2012 efficiently delivers advanced capabilities for VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, and Mac backup and recovery, for both simple and complex IT environments.

Key benefits
Unified virtual and physical backup
• Protect your virtual infrastructure with VMware and Hyper-V backup and recovery from the experts in virtual backup. Hostlevel backup, powered by V-Ray technology and integrated with VMware Data Protection APIs (application programming interfaces) and Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), enables backup of entire virtual guests and recovery at the virtual machine, virtual disk, application, and file/folder level. Advanced hypervisor features are also supported with both VMware and Hyper-V. Virtualized applications are supported too—backup and recovery granular data from virtualized Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and SQL Server applications.

• Agentless or agent-based virtual protection Backup Exec 2012 gives you the flexibility to choose the level of recoverability you need in your VMware or Hyper-V environment. If you use an agent, you can backup and recovery virtualized applications and restore files, folders, application data, and entire virtual machines. If you choose to go agentless, you can recover the entire virtual machine, ensuring protection at the virtual machine level. Backup Exec 2012 makes it easy to optimize VMware and Hyper-V backup to achieve the right blend of virtual machine performance and recoverability.

• Microsoft certified backup and recovery for the latest Windows environments and applications, including Windows 2008 R2, Exchange 2010 SP1, SQL Server, and SharePoint.

• Comprehensive disk and tape storage for virtual, physical, and application backup.

• Reduce storage by up to 90 percent with deduplication, lowering storage costs across all your physical1 and virtual2 backups while offering network bandwidth reduction for local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) backup. Shrink your backup storage requirements while making WAN-friendly remote office backup a reality. Deduplicate across all data protected by Backup Exec 12, not just on a per-job basis. Additionally, deduplication offers significantly greater levels of storage savings versus compression or single-instance storage.

• Source deduplication for Linux servers enables significant LAN/WAN bandwidth and backup storage savings while protecting Linux servers in your environment.
• Ensure your virtual machine backups are recoverable with the Virtual Machine Validator that enables VMware and Backup Exec 2012 administrators to easily validate the recoverability of full virtual machine backups via the VMware vSphere™ client console.
• Backup Exec 2012 includes High Availability for virtual applications with Virtual Machine Auto-Recovery for VMware. It adds integration of the Backup Exec Management Plug-in 2.0 for VMware with Symantec ApplicationHA 6.0, which enables Backup Exec to automatically restore a failed virtual machine in order to recover lost application services once ApplicationHA has exhausted the steps to remediate the failure.

One product, any recovery
• Integrated bare-metal disaster recovery gives administrators the power to recover an entire server, to entirely different hardware, from backup copies of that server. From a DVD boot disk, called the Symantec™ Recovery Environment, connect to the Backup Exec 2012 server and recover an entire machine to completely different hardware.

• Convert backups to virtual machines for instant recovery so that if a server fails, you can get that server back up and running in a VMware or Hyper-V environment in the time it takes you to turn on a virtual machine. This “no-hardware disaster recovery” allows instant recovery of physical servers in a virtual environment—which can drastically shrink the amount of time your business-critical services are down. Converting backups to virtual machines extends the Backup Exec leadership in virtualization, and is built into Backup Exec 2012.

• Granular recovery for physical and virtual applications eliminates redundant backups for Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, and SQL Servers in virtual environments. From a single host-level backup of VMware or Hyper-V guest application servers, administrators can restore individual emails, SharePoint documents, Active Directory objects, and SQL Server databases. With Backup Exec 2012, there is no need for recovery environments, additional virtual machines, or other additional resources to recover granular data.

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