Customs Software Development is developing unique software solutions that cater to quick innovation and efficient services. Such software better addresses the needs and wants of users’ when compared to other off-the-shelf and widespread traditional software.

Other than meeting the specific needs of users, custom software can be easily modified and upgraded. It promotes seamless software and system integration without investing a dime. The features included in the software are designed to serve your company’s business needs.

If we observe Wix or Microsoft Office they are packaged software aimed at serving the generalized needs of website creation and office productivity. As opposed to Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software development is built to serve a predefined set of necessities to meet the requirements of exact business process mapping, data security, and scalability.

Latest Trends Disrupting the IT Industry

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can be understood naturally by splitting the words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. Virtual means physically non-existent reality that makes use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. The most recognizable feat that VR has offered the world is the head-mounted display (HMD). The most known players of VR are PlayStation VR (PSVR), Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the rising technology trends of the IT industry. AR allows us to experience the real-life environment right in front of us with a digital augmentation laid over it. For example, if you want to buy a piece of furniture, you can get the feel of how the furniture will fit your room's ambiance. Gaming, Retail, Education industries are using AR extensively.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is more of a tool that can be used to help software function intelligently, create computer-controlled robots, and devices. Artificial intelligence is used widely in education, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, service, and other industries where computers can predict a situation, provide alerts or make necessary arrangements to take care of the situation on their own. For example, it can predict a machine part’s life or a buyer’s choice on a store.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT can be learned as a connected group of physical devices that can be accessed using sensors, software, and other techs. The primary aim of this technology is to allow data exchange by connecting other internal and external devices using the internet. IoT offers its efficient services to home devices along with numerous industrial applications. IoT connects devices intelligently and makes them more responsive. For example, if you have a smart bulb you can walk out of the room carefree as it will switch off automatically.

React Native

React Native

React Native (RN) is a JavaScript-based mobile app framework that helps you to develop apps for iOS and Android platforms using the same code base. This feature saves resources, while can achieve similar performance as native technologies. Some of the tech giants such as Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft have trusted React Native to create their applications.



Flutter is an open-source and free mobile UI framework that was created by Google. Flutter offers two things to help you develop iOS and Android apps using a single code base. The first being a Software Development Kit (SDK), a collection of tools essential to your application development. The second being a framework or a UI library based on widgets. Widgets are a set of reusable UI elements such as sliders, buttons, text boxes, and more.

Node JS

Node JS

There existed a void when it came to developing server-based applications and that has been filled with the advent of Node JS. Node JS is an open-source language based on the JavaScript framework. It offers a cross-platform runtime environment meaning, the applications that are written in JavaScript can run on numerous operating systems. Node JS optimizes an app’s throughput and scalability for real-time web apps with its event-driven architecture and non-blocking input/output API.

Angular JS

Angular JS

Angular JS is widely used to create the client-side of web applications. It’s a JavaScript-based framework that is created and maintained by Google and a community of people. The framework is known best to resolve challenges faced by developers while creating single-page applications. AngularJS is based on the Model-View-Whatever model. It allows developers to choose design patterns while developing apps and uses a set of markups.

React JS

React JS

React happens to be the most popular JavaScript library in the web development world. Many known companies such as Instagram, Airbnb, and Netflix make use of React JS. It is known for creating interesting and interactive elements on websites making use of the JavaScript Library.

Technologies in which we have expertise


PhP that stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor is one of the most renowned languages used for server-side scripting. Many of our well-known websites such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Facebook have been developed using the PhP language. It has been the developer’s choice for decades and has gathered a massive community as it’s easy to learn, program, and deploy. It is open-source and free, also have a very large community of developers

.NET (Dot Net)

.NET is an open-source and cross-platform framework that is developed by Microsoft and can be used to create a wide range of applications. The multiple language support and large code libraries help develop applications for desktops, gaming, IoT, mobile devices, and the web.

The central focus of the .NET language is to offer quick solutions to the challenges offered by application development such as ease of deployment, high ownership cost, extended development periods, and difficulty while switching between applications.


Python is an extremely popular, interactive, high-level interpreted, and object-oriented programming language. Unlike other languages, it makes use of the English language instead of punctuation. Python is widely used for complex mathematical or statistical calculations. For versatility, it is used in different applications in Web Development, Game Development, Machine learning, Data Science and Data Visualization, Business Softwares, and Embedded Applications.

Android Java

The commercial version of Android entered the market in the year 2008 as a mobile phone platform. In the years that have passed, Android has certainly become the most popular operating system in the world. Now, Android is also being used in other devices such as automobiles, televisions, and other recreational vehicles.The platform allows programmers to write code using the Java language to manage and control the Android device.

Android Kotlin

Kotlin happens to be a modern statically typed programming language. Over 60% of professional Android developers prefer using Kotlin. It promotes high-productivity, code safety, and developer satisfaction. Kotlin also offers interoperability with the Java language. The code is simpler to read and easier to learn when compared to Java.

iOS Objective C

Objective C is a language developed on top of the C language. It promotes general-purpose features of the Small Talk programming language. It is designed to empower the C language with object-oriented programming capabilities. The apps written for iOS, MAC OSX, and Apple WatchOS have to be written in Objective C.

iOS Swift

Whether it’s servers, desktops, phones, or anything else, if it runs on code it can be efficiently programmed using Swift. Swift is an interactive, fast, and safe programming language. It offers a combination of modern language thinking powered by Apple's engineering culture and its wisdom. The language has also received diverse contributions from its open-source community. Swift allows the complex ideas to be expressed in a concise and clear manner by combining pattern matching and powerful type interference with a lightweight and modern syntax.


Laravel is an easy-to-understand, robust, and open-source PhP framework. The language observes the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Laravel is extremely efficient in creating a web application by using different components of a framework. This contributes to a more pragmatic and structured design. The basic features of the PHP frameworks can be accessed using the rich set of functionalities offered by Laravel whereas complex business applications can be best constructed using Laravel.


CodeIgniter is an MVC-based toolkit that allows coders to develop web applications using PHP. If a programmer is writing code from scratch then CodeIgniter would enable them to create faster projects. It has a simple interface, logical structure, and rich library for commonly needed tasks. Unlike other frameworks that require too many resources, CodeIgniter requires only a few libraries, hence it’s truly lightweight.


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to create your own blog or website. it has become the most widely used web publishing platform, powering 35% of the entire web. Unlike other platforms WordPress allows you to create and manage your own websites without having you learn complex coding. The platform is completely customizable. At any time you can make use of plugins and themes to change the UI of your website. It’s open-source software that is extremely easy to learn and use.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform using which anyone can set up a store online to sell their products. It also allows merchants to sell their products in person making use of Shopify POS. As of today, Shopify is one of the leading commerce platforms catering to businesses of all sizes. No matter where you sell from, whether it’s on social media, online, or from your car’s trunk, Shopify will take care of you.


Magento is a popular platform for eCommerce stores. Magento has earned the reputation of a one-size-fits-all website creation portal. Due to its efficient services, Magento still has its fair share of users in the market. It powers 1.2% of the entire internet that accounts for nearly 12% of all the online stores. Some of the great features are transactions in multiple countries and languages, multiple store management. It also supports integration with other digital tools such as CRM and ERP.


Ionic was created as an open-source software development kit to develop hybrid mobile applications. More than 5 million apps have been built using Ionic. Application development on Ionic can be done using front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Angular. This cross-platform app development language makes use of web technologies to create mobile applications with a single codebase. Ionic Native is a set of Cordova plugins that supports integration and standard APIs. Its community edition is the free set and the enterprise edition is the paid and extended version curated by the Ionic team.


Xamarin is a cross-platform app development platform that allows developers to share up to 90% of their code across all major platforms. It’s based on the Microsoft technology stack, is comparatively new, and already has a community of 1.4 million developers. Xamarin is an open-source language that can be used to build performant and modern applications for Windows, iOS, and Android.


MySQL is an easy-to-use and fast RDBMS being used by several small and large-scale businesses. MySQL is a Swedish company that has been developed, marketed, and supported by MySQL AB. MySQL is open-source and is equipped to handle large subsets of the functionality of the most expensive database packages. It uses SQL data language and is operable on various operating systems including PERL, PHP, C, JAVA, and more.


NoSQL (aka “not only SQL”) databases are non-tubular. They store data differently than relational tables. Based on different data models, NoSQL databases have a variety of types. The term NoSQL database is related to using a non-relational database. After the year 2000, the NoSQL databases emerged with a decrease in the cost of storage. The NoSQL databases are optimized for developer productivity. Some of the distinctive features of the NoSQL database are- quick response time, scalability, all-time availability, location independence

Engagement Model

The type of engagement model a company chooses is extremely important as it affects the overall quality and execution of the project. Hence, it’s imperative that you choose a business model that best serves your needs and wants.

We offer three types of engagement models for clients to choose from at their convenience.

Dedicates Resources

Our dedicated hiring model is classified into 3 parts. Clients can choose from the same as per their requirements.

Hourly Based

A dedicated developer would be working on your project for 5 days/week for a maximum of 8 hours a day. All the communication would be done through platforms such as Email and Skype or via phone. In terms of price, this model is quoted on an hourly basis. This model is generally a preference for short-scale projects.

Weekly Based

This model follows some of the preceding standards such as the 5 days/week and 8-hour timeline, a dedicated developer to work exclusively on your project. The project is developed and managed by a dedicated project manager. This model works best for short/mid-term projects.

Monthly Based

This model is ideal for long-term projects. It offers all the preceding benefits along with a Dedicated Accounts Manager to monitor your project personally. Due to the length of the project, the costing of this project is done on a monthly basis.

Hourly Project

Choosing this engagement model the cost is calculated on an hourly basis. Our services can be availed for 5 days/week for a maximum of 8 hours. For the agreed time period, a developer or a team of developers would be allotted to your project. Total work hours by developers is paid against generally a monthly invoice. When the scope of a project is not fixed and changes with the development or of an experimental nature, then this model works best.

Fixed Budget Project

This model is ideal for a short/mid-term project. Unlike our Hourly model, as the name suggests choosing this model is offered at a Fixed Price Rate. Clients are offered the convenience of making the full payment at once or as we reach the milestones of the project.

If you want your project delivered on a fixed timeline, this is a perfect fit for you. In this case, clients need to have a very well-defined scope based on which effort can be estimated to agree on a price. This model accepts changes through a separate delivery & commercial arrangement called CR or ‘Change Request’

Agile Scrum Methodology

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps organizations address complex problems while delivering products of high-value with utmost creativity and efficiency. In a nutshell, the Scrum project management framework can be observed with any project that has complex requirements, deadlines, and uniqueness. Using Scrum, projects are developed along with a series of iterations known as sprints. Each sprint can be two or four week-long in duration.

There are other events and each is time-boxed. Other events can end once their purpose is achieved but not the Sprint. It has a fixed duration and cannot be lengthened or shortened. The Scrum events are as follows:

Industry Application



We’ve created unified platforms that serve agents, buyers, sellers, franchises, and property developers. Our tailor-made applications are aimed towards decreasing the physical efforts and assist clients while buying and companies while making property sales.

For our clients in the US and other countries, we’ve integrated MLS, IDX, and other sources for the platforms to gather data feeds from different sources. We’ve also made efficient use of Augmented Reality to offer features such as Live agents, Live business cards etc. We also have created 3D tours, videos, real-time location tracking, intelligent searches.



While making use of Hospitality services, users now like to search, compare, and then book their required services. We offer website and app development that can act as a frontend for your business, offering photo and video galleries, property listing, and other relevant services.

We have also created Hospitality Management Systems that include end-to-end automation, POS, inventory administration, HR, and account management modules. The mobile apps we develop for hospitality management allow users to make the best of services offered from any place at any time.



Adding to your online reputation, we provide complete technical backup to set up your online store. Our years of experience and expertise in creating eCommerce platforms allow us to create visually captivating, efficient, and seamless web and mobile platforms.

You can observe our previous work and observe that we’ve developed complete eCommerce solutions and marketplaces that have an intuitive dashboard, advanced search filters, secure payment gateways, real-time tracking, communication panels, and other relevant features.



Using our services you can create an app for booking and canceling flights, hotels, tours, etc. Our applications have a captivating design that caters to an engaging user experience. In these modern times, it’s mandatory to offer secure payment gateways with multiple payment options and a communication panel that supports chat, audio, and video call options. You’d also require an admin panel to manage refunds and cancellations, analyze sales, inventory, bookings, and more. We offer all the preceding services and more at budget-friendly rates. Our end to end travel solutions offer all these features.



The on-demand economy has experienced a gigantic surge in revenue over the past couple of years. We’ve created many on-demand platforms using intelligent code and attractive designs to create different applications like courier app, parking app, UBER like taxi app, garage services app, Loans app, Laundry app, cleaning services app, Salon app.

We offer mobile and website app development with features such as a modifiable E-menu manager, intuitive dashboard with advanced search filters, a seamless check-out process using secure payment gateways, online marketing, and other such advanced functionalities. We also make use of industry 4.0 techs to increase convenience for the users and efficiency of the platform.



The advent of tech has helped the education domain migrate to online platforms. Online platforms are making optimum use of tech and gamification to make courses and teachings available to learners anywhere around the globe

Technource has also created educational platforms that have assessment tools with supplementary reference materials, combined courseware, and different apps for admin, teachers, and students. We’ve managed to promote learning in a visual and interactive method while inviting ease and clarity to the learning process.

You Ask, We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of developing custom software?

The development cost depends on the complexity of your project and the features needed to address the same.


Do I have to visit you to discuss my software needs?

We can visit your office or site to discuss the requirements. We can complete work-related meetings using Skype, e-mail, or phone calls as well. You may visit our office or development center as well.


How do you ensure confidentiality?

All our working employees are subjected to non-disclosure clauses and we sign an NDA with all our clients at the start of the project.


Why should I trust your company with my dream project?

We too have built our business from scratch and hence we understand the gravity of your situation. We follow the Agile-Scrum methodology to ensure a transparent app development process. Apart from this, you can read the case studies of some of the most prominent projects on our website.


Are there any hidden costs while developing Custom Software?

Your total project costing would be presented to you in our final quotation done after studying your project completely in case of fixed budget projects. For other commercial models fees will be charged on delivered job.

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