Fire Suppression

Data Centers are critical to the operation of all businesses whether you operate one or use one. Ensuring that they are not only protected from data theft or corruption but also from the physical effects of fire is essential.

Data Centre Fire Suppression Systems are no different from Fire Protection that is provided in a Server Room except the physical size of the rooms. Data Centers are usually must greater in physical size and therefore the Fire Suppression Systems are much greater in size. So  well designed Fire Suppression System but also a well designed Data Centre.

Brand name NAFFCO, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Fire Truck, Suppression System, Pumps, Valve Hydrant, Fire Door, Hoses, all type of Extinguisher, Foam Compound AFFF, Reels, Fire Alarms all type of Fire protection system.

NAFFCO engineered FM200 System is the best Halon 1301 replacement agent with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) suitable for total flooding. Clean Agent HFC227ea System is an effective total flooding agent suitable for use on Class A surface burning fires, Class B flammable liquid fires and fires on electrical equipment. On a weight of agent basis FM200 System is a very effective gaseous extinguishing agent. The FM200 System extinguishing concentration for normal heptane (cup burner method) is approximately 5.8% by volume.

HFC227ea automatic fire suppression system common components are the following:

  • Agent cylinder
  • Release panel
  • Discharge valve
  • Detectors
  • Actuator
  • Manual release
  • Discharge nozzle
  • Sounder
  • Piping network
  • Flashers

HFC227ea extinguishes a fire quickly by discharging in 10 seconds or less. The agent removes heat and breaks up the fire at molecular level. Common operation of HFC227ea is automatic.


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