Raised Floor & Cable Tray

As part of Data Center design is often posed with the question of raised floor and cable tray.
One of a raised floor’s main benefits is it creates a space under the equipment that can contain the multitude of cables (power and data) required to feed servers and other IT equipment. Even assuming a raised floor isn’t an energy-efficiency hindrance in itself, using the under-floor plenum for cabling can hamper airflow, creating hot spots that necessitate running the cooling system at a higher capacity. Furthermore, the cable holes in tiles (or, worse, complete removal of tiles) results in air leakage, another drag on efficiency. From a cabling perspective, running cables under the floor makes them much less accessible at maintenance time; lifting floor tiles on a raised floor must be done carefully, and finding a particular cable can still be difficult or impossible, particularly if cables are not well marked or if many “dead” cables are left under the floor (another cause of clutter).

Cable trays are a means of running cables above the floor while still keeping them accessible for maintenance. A common form of cable tray is a wire mesh or “basket” style. But without proper planning, cable trays can still result in the same types of problems that plague under-floor cabling.
rted 50 years ago. At that time,
Our partner company MERO –TSK more than 50 years received the first order to construct an access floor and cable try for IBM Data Center. Later , IBM was followed by many famous names like: SAP, BMW, DHL,Sony and many other important companies worldwide.

– Metro Type 6

The access floor constructions of MERO type 6 mineral are suitable especially for the use in data processing centres, electric operating rooms, laboratories.

– Metro Type 3 Steel

The MERO access floor construction type 3 is the solution for production areas, clean rooms, data processing centres or laboratories. Due to its tensile strenght it is used where extremely high load bearing capacity and fracture strength is required.
The floor panels consist of a steel tubing frame which is covered by a high-grade steel plate. All parts are welced and protected against corrosoin by conductive powder coating.

Metro Type 2

The access floor construction type 2 – which has been designed in cooperation with electrical engineers and power station specialists – has proved its worth in high, medium and low tension switchgears, battery rooms, control centers.

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