Air Conditioning


Data centers operate continuously, generating significant heat due to densely packed server racks. To maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels for sensitive IT equipment, closed-circuit air-conditioning systems are employed. These systems convey cold air to the data center via raised floors, while heated air returns to the A/C unit, often through hot and cold aisles to manage increasing heat loads efficiently.

Modern precision air-conditioning systems, utilizing energy-efficient hybrid technology, also incorporate cool outside air for conditioning. They expand modularly and reduce data center electricity consumption by up to 40%, ensuring failure-free, continuous operation for years while operating quietly and economically.

Our partner companies, STULZ-ATS and Emerson (Liebert), offer various air conditioning solutions tailored to different needs:



  • Precision air conditioning for small server rooms
  • Precision air conditioning for data centers
  • Precision air conditioning for high-density data centers

From Emerson (Liebert):

  • High-density modular data center cooling systems
  • Economizer data center cooling solutions
  • Large room cooling systems
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