Backup and recovery


Backup and recovery encompass a range of strategies and procedures vital for safeguarding databases against data loss and restoring them post-loss. The volume of data requiring management and protection is growing exponentially, posing challenges to data management, especially in meeting retention requirements.

EMC offers comprehensive backup and recovery solutions, enabling users to retain backups longer on disk and onsite, reducing costs, and facilitating faster offsite data replacement for tape-free disaster recovery. These solutions ensure quick and reliable recovery with advanced data integrity, simplify data management, and protect data across the enterprise, including data center, remote office, and desktop/laptop environments.

For Microsoft environments, EMC solutions provide automated, efficient, and granular protection for Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint. These solutions feature industry-leading deduplication, integration with Microsoft applications, and proven results such as reducing backup windows and costs, ensuring application data availability, and eliminating tape dependency.

EMC backup solutions for Oracle streamline Oracle data protection practices with deduplication storage systems, advanced integration, and automation. Proven benefits include reduced dependence on tape, backup storage requirements, and simplified backup scheduling, enabling faster recovery and cost-effective disaster recovery.

For VMware environments, EMC offers intelligent backup solutions combining deduplication with VMware-integrated disk backup. These solutions accelerate backup and recovery, drive savings, and facilitate IT transformation with proven results like reducing backup times and storage requirements.

Deduplication solutions from EMC significantly enhance backup performance and efficiency in physical and virtual server environments. By moving less data across the data center and storing only unique data, these solutions speed up backup and restore processes, lower IT costs, and support IT transformation efforts.

EMC also provides smarter backup solutions for desktops, laptops, and remote offices, ensuring application availability, cost reduction, and transformation. These solutions offer fast, daily backups, lower bandwidth requirements, centralized management, and simplified disaster recovery.

For mainframe environments, EMC solutions deliver improved performance, scalability, availability, and cost savings. The EMC Disk Library for mainframe combines virtual tape and disk storage technologies, enabling multi-site disaster recovery and consolidated backup and archive capabilities.

In addition to EMC solutions, Symantec offers advanced backup and recovery solutions like NetBackup with V-Ray technology and Backup Exec . These solutions provide unified protection, fast and efficient backup and recovery, and granular restore capabilities for virtual and physical environments, ensuring business continuity and data availability.

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