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For your call center, the pressure to deliver positive results that provide a competitive advantage has never been greater. To achieve that advantage, your call center must come through on a number of fronts. In today’s business climate, customer satisfaction is critical to your success. So it is vital that your call center deliver intelligent, personalized customer service. In addition, you need to accomplish more with less, using new technologies such as SIP. That means operating your call center at a lower cost while increasing agent efficiency and effectiveness across the enterprise.

Our partner company Avaya provides Call Center Elite which suites of call routing software is an Automatic Call Distribution application that maximizes routing and resource selection, allowing agents to handle calls more effectively and improving overall productivity. It offers conditional (if/then) call routing, using context-based inputs and versatile selection capabilities. Managers can choose whether inbound calls connect with the least busy agent, the first available agent, or the one with skills that best match the customer’s needs. Virtual call routing allows businesses with multiple sites to maximize resource utilization across all locations.

Call Center Elite can integrate with traditional circuit-switched, H.323, and SIP networks (as well as hybrid environments), allowing businesses to protect existing hardware and software investments.


Improve call-routing flexibility
Sophisticated call routing capabilities give managers a wide range of options. They can connect inbound calls to the least busy agent, the first available agent, or the agent with the skills that best match the individual customer’s needs.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency
Businesses can support agent specialization and consolidate resources across sites to help build a more efficient, less costly call center.

Deliver personalized service
The system allows managers to route calls to agents with specialized knowledge of products or processes, allowing them to provide informed, personalized service.

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