Enterprise Servers


IT infrastructure is central to achieving business success. Its implementation as part of key business initiatives can seriously affect an organisation’s ability to achieve alignment between IT and the business. In order for IT organizations to securely accelerate information flows in this spending-strapped environment–while improving operational reliability, delivery, and performance- IT management requires lucid network intelligence about deployed IT resources and the internal and external communications channels necessary to drive business.

Our IT Infrastructure solutions provide precise baseline understanding of network connections, visualized in unique maps with supporting data that provide a holistic network view
Our IT infrastructure solution include Enterprise Servers, Storage and Network.

Enterprise Servers

With need for high performance, highly available, fully scalable Servers and Storage is the most important factor in today highly competitive world, we have aligned the major global player as their partners to delivery state of art enterprise solution to all our SMB, Large enterprise and government customer. With a strong in house support team we are in a position to design and deploy complete servers and storage solutions to our end customer.


  • Full Range of PowerEdge R Series Rack Mount Servers
  • Full Range of PowerEdge T Series Rack Mount Servers
  • Full Range of Power Edge M series Blade Servers
  • Full Range of Storage (Tape Drives, Tape Autoloaders, iSCSI SAN, Equal logic(TM) series, Power Vault storage products)


  • Full Range of system ‘X’ , ‘Z’, ‘P’ series Rack and Tower Servers
  • Full Range of Blade Centre Server
  • Full Range of Storage (Disk Backup, Tape, LTO & N Series Storage products)
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