Network Security


Network security solutions help protect organizations from security vulnerabilities that might cause downtime or expose them to regulatory compliance issues, thereby reducing the threat to network infrastructure, data, and applications.

Many organizations are deploying a broad range of new converged applications to increase productivity and decrease costs in their IT environments. These include IP telephony applications, video streaming, collaboration, mobility, and a variety of next-generation applications that promise to significantly enhance organizational and personal productivity.

While these organizations must address a variety of issues to successfully integrate these converged applications on the unified network (including QoS, bandwidth, and resiliency), the one overriding concern is security.

A comprehensive security undertaking needs to cover information records (data), applications, and the entire networking infrastructure. In turn, the networking infrastructure includes multilayer switches, server load balancers, connectivity gateways, SSL off-loaders, VPN gateways, and other networking devices that provide some type of network service.

To help organizations address these network security challenges, INT Netlink Technologies combines with leading security provider products to protect a wide range of network environments.

Together, INT Netlink Technologies and its security partners enable organizations to deploy and manage secure networks in support of critical services. With proven solutions that deliver a reliable, resilient network infrastructure that is secured from the edge to the core, from client to server, we provide preemptive security solutions that help ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Combining protection capabilities with industry-leading security products in the areas of Layer2 through Layer7 protection provides a defendable architecture that enables organizations to focus on their business priorities and accomplish their goals. This protection includes fortifying MAC layer and IP forwarding capabilities, malware detection and removal, Denial of Service (DoS) mitigation, and guarding against data theft.

The INT Netlink Technologies partner ecosystem of security solutions provides advanced data and application protection with high-performance, low-latency network admission control, firewalling, intrusion detection and prevention, and DoS mitigation.

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