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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the reliance on robust server and network infrastructure is indispensable for organizations to maintain seamless operations. Essential services like email and database applications must remain online to uphold productivity and continuity. Thus, the meticulous scoping, installation, configuration, and support of network infrastructure are pivotal. Misconfigurations or inadequate scoping can lead to costly downtime, productivity lapses, and the need for component replacements or reconfigurations.

When offering recommendations on network infrastructure, it is imperative to possess a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business requirements. Tailoring technical recommendations based on this understanding ensures that the implemented technology aligns precisely with the client’s needs, avoiding a generic approach that often falls short. Furthermore, anticipating the company’s growth is essential, necessitating scalable solutions to accommodate evolving demands seamlessly.

INT Netlink’s team of specialist solution architects is highly qualified to assist in selecting server and network infrastructure, ranging from fundamental switching or routing solutions to intricate storage, security, and virtualization deployments. Our network solutions and services team comprehensively understands current business trends and organizational requirements, designing networks compliant with industry standards to effectively address organizational needs.

Solutions & Offerings:

INT Netlink Technologies provides consultancy, design, and implementation services to help companies achieve their business continuity, disaster recovery, and consolidation objectives:

Core Enterprise Networks: Designing and implementing enterprise core networks for LAN, data centers, and disaster recovery sites.

Campus Area Networks: Designing and implementing large campus networks using a multi-tier architecture to provide redundancy, security, and scalability.

Wireless and Mobility: Creating secure wireless networks for data and voice traffic, seamlessly integrating with the core network to enable user mobility.

Network Management: Establishing a platform for monitoring network performance and centrally managing network configuration.


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