Raised Floor & Cable Tray


When designing a data center, the choice between raised floors and cable trays often arises. Raised floors offer the advantage of creating space beneath equipment to accommodate the numerous cables (power and data) needed for servers and other IT equipment. However, utilizing the under-floor plenum for cabling can impede airflow, leading to hot spots that require increased cooling system capacity. Additionally, cable holes in tiles or complete tile removal can cause air leakage, reducing efficiency. Maintenance accessibility is also a concern with under-floor cabling, as lifting floor tiles must be done carefully, and locating specific cables can be challenging, especially if cables are poorly marked or if there are many unused cables cluttering the space.

Cable trays provide a solution for running cables above the floor while maintaining accessibility for maintenance. Wire mesh or “basket” style trays are commonly used, but without proper planning, they can still present similar issues to under-floor cabling.

Our partner company MERO-TSK has over 50 years of experience, starting with the construction of access floors and cable trays for IBM Data Center. Subsequently, other renowned companies such as SAP, BMW, DHL, and Sony have followed suit. MERO offers various access floor constructions suitable for different environments:

MERO Type 6 Mineral: Ideal for data processing centers, electric operating rooms, and laboratories.

MERO Type 3 Steel: Suitable for production areas, clean rooms, data processing centers, or laboratories requiring high load-bearing capacity and fracture strength.

MERO Type 2: Designed for high, medium, and low-tension switchgears, battery rooms, and control centers, offering proven reliability.

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