Physical Security

Solution from Cisco Cisco Physical Security solutions provide broad network-centric capabilities in video surveillance, IP camera technology, electronic access control, and incident response. Cisco Physical Security solutions integrate with other Cisco and partner technologies to provide a unified interface that gives safety personnel a higher level of situational awareness and allows intelligent decisions to be… Continue reading Physical Security

Network Security

Network security solutions help protect organizations from security vulnerabilities that might cause downtime or expose them to regulatory compliance issues, thereby reducing the threat to network infrastructure, data, and applications. Many organizations are deploying a broad range of new converged applications to increase productivity and decrease costs in their IT environments. These include IP telephony… Continue reading Network Security

Information Security

Security of your information is paramount to both you and to us. Whether responding to legislation or compliance requirements or protecting against accidental abuse, sabotage or malware, security concerns are real and need to be considered. INT Netlink Technologies has considered data security an integral component of every solution, we embrace security at “layer 0”… Continue reading Information Security