Queue Management

Customers dislike waiting in long queues. If they feel they are waiting too long at your firm for service, they will either leave the line prematurely or not return to your firm the next time they need service. This will reduce customer footfall and eventually revenue and profit. More so reduction of the waiting time… Continue reading Queue Management

Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery encompass a range of strategies and procedures vital for safeguarding databases against data loss and restoring them post-loss. The volume of data requiring management and protection is growing exponentially, posing challenges to data management, especially in meeting retention requirements. EMC offers comprehensive backup and recovery solutions, enabling users to retain backups longer… Continue reading Backup and recovery

Network Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the reliance on robust server and network infrastructure is indispensable for organizations to maintain seamless operations. Essential services like email and database applications must remain online to uphold productivity and continuity. Thus, the meticulous scoping, installation, configuration, and support of network infrastructure are pivotal. Misconfigurations or inadequate scoping can… Continue reading Network Solutions

Storage Soluitons

To meet the end-to-end storage requirements of today’s enterprise, INT Netlink Technologies extends its skills in identifying, configuring, implementing the storage solutions at optimal cost. Its alliances with major storage vendors give INT Netlink Technologies the leverage to address the storage needs through a suit of storage solutions with regards to the conceivable hardware and… Continue reading Storage Soluitons

Enterprise Servers

IT infrastructure is central to achieving business success. Its implementation as part of key business initiatives can seriously affect an organisation’s ability to achieve alignment between IT and the business. In order for IT organizations to securely accelerate information flows in this spending-strapped environment–while improving operational reliability, delivery, and performance- IT management requires lucid network… Continue reading Enterprise Servers