Network Audit

Service Overview

Network auditing involves mapping your network in terms of both software and hardware. INT Netlink Technologies conducts thorough audits to produce informative reports on your current systems and offer affordable, easily integrated, and maintained solutions for your business.

We recommend clients utilize this service to identify any underlying concerns within their current environment, allowing us to prepare their business for the future. Several reasons justify auditing your current network:

Productivity: A well-designed IT system enhances staff productivity, adapting to the evolving technology landscape. Network audits pinpoint areas hindering productivity.

Security: Subversive threats like spyware, viruses, and hacking jeopardize business operations. Our audits advise on suitable security measures, including virus protection, spyware prevention, internet intrusion prevention, data security, and encryption.

Reliability: Correct configuration of IT infrastructures is vital for network reliability. Neglected networks with unaddressed issues become unreliable. Audits establish the current reliability standard and propose enhancements for a consistently reliable system.

Cost Efficiency: Unsuitable or poorly maintained networks lead to time wastage and financial losses due to slow responses and security incidents. Improving the network ensures business continuity and prevents profit loss. Thorough audits result in significant cost savings, maximizing IT system cost-effectiveness.

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