Support Services & Outsourcing

Service Overview

INT Netlink Technologies  Support services provide tailored outsourcing solutions for companies lacking in-house expertise or needing to supplement existing resources. This service spares customers the expense of recruiting and training additional staff for specific skill sets. By leveraging Support services and outsourcing, clients benefit from streamlined planning and design, accelerated implementation, enhanced performance, improved IT availability, and reduced ownership costs.

The typical advantages of embracing Support services and outsourcing for your company include:

  • Swift incident recovery at any scale.
  • Prompt and consistent returns on IT investments.
  • Heightened IT performance and productivity.
  • Robust and prepared IT infrastructure for business challenges.
  • Enhanced availability and efficiency of IT infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of service-level agreements (SLAs).

We provide a variety of support outsourcing solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Telephone Support
  • Remote Dial-in Support
  • Remote Support
  • On-site engineering support
  • Managed Support and change requests
  • Managed services
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