Network Security

Service Overview

Network security is vital for safeguarding organizations against vulnerabilities that may lead to downtime or compliance issues, thus reducing risks to network infrastructure, data, and applications.

Many organizations adopt converged applications like IP telephony, video streaming, collaboration tools, and next-gen apps to boost productivity and cut costs. While addressing challenges in integrating these applications, security remains a top concern.

A comprehensive security approach should cover data, applications, and the entire networking infrastructure. INT Netlink Technologies  network security, collaborating with leading providers, protects diverse network environments, ensuring reliability, resilience, and preemptive security solutions for business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Industry-leading security products offer protection across Layer 2 through Layer 7, fortifying MAC/IP forwarding, detecting/removing malware, mitigating DoS attacks, and preventing data theft.

We offer data/application protection with high-performance, low-latency network admission control, firewalling, intrusion detection/prevention, and DoS mitigation.

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