Project Management

Service Overview

INT Netlink Technologies has an enthusiastic team of Project Management Professionals who are committed to providing you with excellent Project Management services during the project life cycle that complies with Project Management Institute standards.  Our project management team is equipped with the necessary skills, resources and experience to successfully manage your project.

Our Project Management team:

  • Has a deep understanding of the project life cycle, its concepts and steps, and the roles and duties of project managers.
  • Has key project management and interpersonal skills, such as leadership, credibility, and communication.
  • Has the essential tools and resources to control and evaluate project progress, and to handle Scope creeps and change control.
  • Has expertise in risk management and handling expected yet unfamiliar incidents.
  • Has profound knowledge in task distribution, resource allocation, organizing activities, developing detailed project schedules, and providing duration estimates to limit chaos and waste of time and cost.

As a part of our devotion to your success, we believe that solution architecture and design should be introduced in the early stages of feasibility.

We can get involved in the early stages of a company’s efforts to better understand how technologies can help them achieve their business goals. With our consultants’ guidance, you will be able to design the best architecture for your business processes and organizational systems.

Our consultants help you spot your organization’s weak points and perform process analyses and redesigns to overcome them. Thus, your organization will establish best practices and embrace quality assurance procedures which will, in turn, enhance business performance.

Our methodology provides the solid foundation necessary to execute projects successfully. It also has the flexibility to address the unique needs and requirements of each customer. The overall goal of our process is to move quickly through the analysis and design phases and then to focus on proper execution during the implementation phase. We make you part of the team, so that when the project is done, you have the skills to maintain and enhance the solution.

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